Deliplus Exfoliante de Manos 100ml Hand Scrub

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A good exfoliating cream in other words scrub for your hands with natural micro grains of grape seeds. Contributes to a smooth and very soft skin. Supports cell renewal and removes dead skin cells. Comes in a very handy tube with the famous closing cap.

The use of a good exfoliating cream (scrub) improves the results of hand creams which are applied later.

Deliplus Exfoliante de Manos (hand scrub) is formulated including Shea Butter and Vitamin E and supports in preventing dry skin.

  • Contributes to prevent dry skin
  • Contributes to protect the skin
  • Ensures a smooth skin of your  hands
  • Ensures a soft skin of your  hands

Deliplus Exfoliante de Manos (hand scrub) ensures a smooth skin of your  hands is formulated with micro-grains of grape seeds, an exclusieve and natural ingredient.

It's is very easy to use this excellent Spanish scrub:

Apply two or three times a week on a dry and clean skin of the hands. Gently massage and then rinse with plenty of water. Afterwards apply your usual hand cream.


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